PR/Design Project

Business card designed for Amanda Cochran's Massage Therapy Business


Amanda Cochran is a massage therapist who was just getting started with her massage business. The goal of the project was to improve her clientele base as well as to create an image for her business. A few of the implementation strategies are detailed below:

Logo and Slogan:

Since Amanda Cochran’s Massage Therapy had no corporate identity when this project was started, it was necessary to create one as well as a visual representation for the business. A logo was created that is simple, streamlined, and incorporates the color scheme of calming blues and greens to fit with the business. A black and white version of the logo was also create in case the client needs to do a non-color advertisement in the future. The slogan “Affordable Relaxation” was chosen because of some of the demographic data, and survey results. Demographic research showed that Ford City (the area where the business was located) was below average in the area of household income. This is why affordability will be emphasized in the campaign. Also, the survey indicated that 79% of respondents saw massage as indulgent. The slogan sends the message that “you can afford to relax and indulge”.


The brochure will assist in creating a brand image for Amanda Cochran’s Massage Therapy, as well as give customers something to see all the services that are offered. There is also a version of the brochure that can be easily mailed if direct mail is something the client decides to use in the future.
Look of the publication – The brochure is a horizontal brochure because this signifies a calm state, much like what the client’s services want to accomplish. It uses calm colors (blues and greens) to portray the same message. Images of water are used throughout the brochure, going along with the same idea.
This publication will have to be updated as new services are added to the repertoire.

Customer Loyalty Program:

Since the client has noticed a good response from her customer referral program, this will be continued and expanded to include a customer loyalty program. Each of Amanda’s clients will receive a customer loyalty card, which will be stamped after each visit. After six massage sessions, the customer will receive $5 off of their next massage. While this may do little in getting new customers, it may bring some customers back. However, the customer loyalty program is in place mainly to keep the regular customers satisfied.

Press Releases:

Since the client’s budget does not allow for a great deal of advertising, press releases may help to get media coverage for the business. Two press releases will be sent to the Leader Times (local newspaper), one informing the public about the business’s opening. Also, a press release will be sent out when the grand opening event occurs. The client also has a contact at the Leader Times who could possibly help to get coverage with a feature article on the grand opening.

Grand Opening Event:

A grand opening event was recommended for publicity. The following was planned for the grand opening event:
• Sales Promotions – Customers can book their massage on the day of the grand opening and get 10% off of their massage.
• Educational Seminars/Massage Workshops – This would be to better inform the public about the benefits of massage.
• Spa Party Sign Ups – Amanda Cochran’s Massage Therapy will offer spa parties, which would be similar to a Tupperware party where women would invite guests, except it would take place at the massage salon. Also, although products would be sold, women would also get facials, massages, and learn how to do these things as well.
• Promotion for the event will be an advertisement in the Leader Times newspaper and half page flyers placed on cars parked in the area.
If the grand opening event is a success, it will be continued on an annual basis as an “anniversary celebration event”. This is to get publicity and to keep the business in the media and the public’s minds. Also, sales promotions will take place at the anniversary celebration, which will potentially bring new clients to the business.

Ad Campaigns:

There will be two different Ad Campaigns that will help promote the business. The first ad campaign will be geared toward the holiday/post-holiday season. This will focus on “de-stressing” after the holidays. These ads will be placed in the Leader Times newspaper. The second ad campaign will be slightly larger, concentrating on the grand opening event. Radio advertising will be explored in the future once the client’s advertising budget increases.


Amanda Cochran Massage Therapy