Alysa Wright

I am a freelance graphic designer with a degree in Public Relations. I have been designing brochures, ads, direct mail pieces, flyers, and much more for about 7 years. I have recently started learning to design Web sites. Although I am not experienced with HTML or CSS, I am confident in my ability with the design aspects of Web and other online media. I am mostly self taught, but do have some coursework in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I find that I learn best by doing, and have always been a fast learner.

I attended Westminster College for Public Relations, and have a broad understanding of modern public relations practices, as well as advertising techniques. I feel that my education paired with my experience in design make me a unique candidate for a position in Public Relations, event planning, advertising, or a related field. I am a creative thinker who is truly passionate about the projects that I work on.

I am currently looking for freelance design work, as well as a full time position in the advertising, marketing, public relations, or related field. A position that combines my skills in design with my knowledge of public relations and creative thinking would be ideal. Please email me if you would like a copy of my resume.


event planning political design advertising graphic design writing logo design public relations print design


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